Sales and fabrication of heavy lift onshore “light weight” compact ringer cranes

  • Re-Move

     With a total of over 100 years of experience, the management team has a long track record in the heavy lift and transport market. Mission statement: “To be the world 1st choice for crane rental companies, end-users to re-allocate new or used equipment by buying, selling, lease, rent or buy in the heavy- lift and transport business” More

    Re-Move is an independent global capacity provider for heavy lift and transport equipment. We offer a variety of tailor-made lease concepts for heavy lift cranes, vehicles and alternative lifting equipment, including worldwide shipping.

    We can supply all kinds of cranes, trucks and trailers worldwide (all without operator). Our leasing concepts offer you very flexible capacity when and where you want it, all over the world without tying up your capital. We also offer consultancy services for inspections, certified valuations of cranes, trucks and trailers and company valuations in the heavy lift and transport world. You can rely on us if you are buying or selling new and used cranes,

    heavy transport equipment and alternative lifting equipment.

  • Huisman

     Huisman is a globally operating company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world’s leading on and offshore companies. Founded in 1929 and originally a steel construction company - Huisman joined forces with the engineering company Itrec in 1987 to create a company that could develop products entirely under own management, More

    from concept to installation. Our product range can be subdivided into six main categories: Heavy Lifting Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Pipelay Equipment, Mooring Systems, Vessel Designs and Specials and varies from stand-alone components to highly engineered integrated systems.


    A global market requires global and local solutions. Therefore, Huisman has expanded its engineering and production capacity from Schiedam, The Netherlands, to Sviadnov, Czech Republic in 1997 and, more recently to Fujian, China, generating close to 100,000m2 of total production surface. All production facilities play an important role in the Huisman engineering and production force ever since. Currently, Huisman is building a new production facility in Brazil which should be operational in the second half of 2013.

    For local sales, engineering and service support, Huisman holds offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Singapore and Houston (USA).


    Quality and service are core company values. As a result, we are internationally known for our technical input and creative solutions, our timely delivery of equipment that meets the most stringent performance criteria, full equipment capacity from day 1 and a high reliability guarantee during operations. All Huisman products are designed and built in accordance with the international standards and certified by recognised authorities such as Lloyd's, DNV, ABS, NMD and TüV.

  • Offshore quality with a Onshore price

     Re-move and Huisman joins forces to develop a new type of “light weight” compact ringer cranes which can be used worldwide and suitable for heavy lift projects within the petrochemical, power and offshore market. More

    The market demand for the future has been taken as starting point for
    this “light weight” compact ringer crane. Next to that the following aspects
    has been taken in to consideration; transport, operational and
    environment friendly. The “light weight” compact ringer cranes have offshore quality but for an onshore pricing. The “light weight” compact ringer cranes have a load moment of 50.000tm till 240.000tm and a capacity of 2.400 till
    4.800 metrical ton.

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